XTS1500 P25 Digital Portable Two-Way Radio

XTS1500 P25 Digital Portable Two-Way Radio
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Type: P25 Portable Radios
Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: XTS1500
This product is discontinued
The XTS1500 portable radio is no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be available. Please contact your Motorola representative for additional information.
When your community’s well-being is at stake, you can count on the XTS1500 digital portable radio. Built for the demands of the public utility operations, the radio's advanced technology delivers high-powered features in a light, compact and rugged package. This radio allows your work groups to be prepared for the unexpected, respond immediately and offer the highest quality of service to the community.
This portable radio complies with both Project 16 and Project 25 standards and is available in 700/800 MHz, VHF, UHF R1 and UHF R2 bands.
Due to the FCC Narrowbanding mandate in the United States, product specifications and brochures for Motorola Solutions two-way radio products may indicate 25 kHz/12.5 kHz analog/digital operation which may not be the standard mode of operation at the time of shipment after Jan. 1st 2013.
Interoperable Voice Signaling
Complies with APCO P16 and P25 standards.
Rugged Design
Meets military standards 810 C, 810 D and 810 E, for resistance to shocks and extreme weather.
Customer Programming Software
Supports USB and RS-232 functionalities.
Enhanced Audio
Delivers a clear signal via noise reduction software and audio gain control.
Compatibility with Other Two-Way Models
Uses same accessories as some XTS, HT, MT or MTS units. Optional bitmap display Model I.5 comes with a screen for icons and text.


Standard Battery Chemistry Type: Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride
Coverage Area: Programming Software allows adjustable power output for varying coverage
   700/800 MHz
   UHF: 1–5W
   VHF: 1–5W
Adjustable Power Levels: Yes
Frequency Band: VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, 800 MHz
Battery Life (based on a 5/5/90 duty cycle): 8 hours (High capacity NiCD); 10 hours (High capacity NiMH)
Keypad: None
Display: Full, Limited
Weight (with standard battery): 19.85 oz (562.75 g) with NiCD battery, 20.63 oz (584.86 g) with NiMH battery
Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery): 10.86 x 2.3 x 1.5 in. (275.84 x 58.42 x 38.10 mm) H x W x D
Number of Channels: 48
Noise Reduction Software: Yes
Audio Profiles: Yes
Advanced Software Features: Over the Air Programming (OTAP)
Digital Technology: Yes
System Type: Conventional, SmartZone trunking, SMARTNET trunking
Mil Spec: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F
Standard Warranty: 1 year


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