ASTRO Digital XTL5000 Consolette

ASTRO Digital XTL5000 Consolette
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Type: Dispatch Consoles
Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: XTL5000 Consolette
This product is discontinued

The XTL5000 consolette radio is no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be available. Please contact your Motorola representative for additional information.

The XTL5000 Consolette is ideal for local law enforcement, utility and transportation users that need a low cost RF control station solution within an ASTRO 25 system and want a wireless dispatch solution. The XTL5000 Consolette can also be utilized as an emergency backup station for when the infrastructure is off-line, as a low cost dispatch center for state and local agencies, and as a fire station alerting system.


Due to the FCC Narrowbanding mandate in the United States, product specifications and brochures for Motorola Solutions two-way radio products may indicate 25 kHz/12.5 kHz analog/digital operation which may not be the standard mode of operation at the time of shipment after Jan. 1st 2013.
Control Setups:

Local Control: for use with the XTL 5000 W7 style control head (Option G80)
Digital Remote Control: for use with a digital remote deskset(s). Requires an MC3000 Deskset Controller for operation (Option G81)
Tone Remote Control: for use with a device that supports tone remote control (Option L146 and Option G80)
Gold Series Elite/MCC 5500 Control: for use with a Console via its digital interface —ex. — ACIM (Option L146 and G80). When equipped with Digital ID Display (Option G114), the consolette will report IDs to the console

Voice Communication Modes:
  • Normal analog (clear voice)
  • 3.6kb ASTRO digital (both clear and coded voice)
  • 9.6KB ASTRO digital (both clear and coded voice)


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