Heavy Duty Headset with PTT on Earcup

Heavy Duty Headset with PTT on Earcup
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Type: Headsets
Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: PMLN5320

The PMLN5320 is a Motorola Original Heavy Duty Headset. The PMLN5320 comes with Noise Conceling Boom Mic, Noise Reduction Rating 24dB, Push To Talk (PTT) located on the earcup and can be worn with or without Hardhat. The PMLN5320 Connects Direct to the radio thus elliminating the need to purchase a separate connector. The PMLN5320 replaces the BDN6645 headset and RKN4093 radio adapter. The PMLN5320 Fits Radio Models: EX500, EX560-XLS, EX600 and the EX600-XLS.

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