APX4500 P25 Mobile Two-Way Radio

APX4500 P25 Mobile Two-Way Radio
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Type: P25 Mobile Radios
Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: APX4500

The APX4500 brings together powerful technology in a compact, rugged, mobile radio that's easy on your budget. It seamlessly unifies public works, utility, rural public safety and transportation users to first responders so they can communicate effectively in the moments that matter. A simplified dash mount design makes installation quick and easy. Its IP56 durability rating meets the highest level of certification for uncompromising performance in wet, dusty, and hazardous conditions. Equipped with safety features such as integrated GPS, intelligent lighting, voice announcement and AES encryption, your teams can safely and effectively complete the mission at hand.
Ease of Installation
Simplified dash mount design is quick and easy to install
RFID Asset Tracking
12 character RF ID asset tracking provides a convenient method of obtaining valuable asset tracking information without having to uninstall the radio.
Twice the voice capacity, allowing additional users on the system without the need for additional frequencies or infrastructure
Integrated GPS
Integrated GPS receiver can transmit the outdoor location of a vehicle to a map-based location application
AES encryption provides secure voice and data communications
Intelligent Lighting
Intelligent lighting provides information at a glance by using color to notify the user of the radio mode, potential emergencies, or specific events
Radio Profiles
Radios can be configured with multiple user-selected or automated operating behaviors such as audio level, lighting and tones
Text Messaging
Efficiently send and receive free-form or canned text messages to and from subscribers or dispatch operators
Unified Call List
Consolidates all call lists underneath one unified list
Voice Announcement
Audible, pre-recorded voice file provides a description of the selected channel or zone
Programming over Project 25 (POP25)
Motorola’s POP25 solution allows subscriber radios to be programmed over the air via the ASTRO 25 systems while remaining in the field
Rugged Durability
Meets IP56 water-intrusion ratings for driving rain giving you the confidence that your mobile will continue performing even if exposed to water


Bluetooth Capable: Yes
Frequency Range:
   700/800 (764-870 MHz)
   VHF (136-174 MHz)
   UHF R1 (380-470 MHz)
  UHF R2 (420 - 520 MHz)
Channel Spacing: 6.25, 12.5, 25
Power Levels: 10-35 watts 700/800 MHz, 25-110 watts VHF
Encryption: Yes
Encryption Type / Algorithms: AES, Advanced Digital Privacy (ADP)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.0 x 7.0 x 9.6 inches
Configurations: Dash Mount
Weight: 7 lbs
Display: Alphanumeric
Built-In Speaker: Yes
Available Option Board: Yes
Channels: 512
Noise Reduction Software: Yes
Voice Announcement: Yes
Integrated Voice and Data: Yes
GPS Capable: Yes
Text Messaging Capable: Yes
Advanced Software Features: Over the Air Programming (OTAP)
Customer Programming Software (CPS): Yes
FLASHport Memory: Yes
Intrinsic Safety Standard: ATEX
Digital Technology: Yes
Analog Technology: Yes
System Type: Conventional, SmartZone trunking, SMARTNET trunking, X2 TDMA
Mil Spec: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G
Intrinsically Safe: Yes
Factory Mutual: Yes
IP Standards: IP56


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