Heavy Duty Behind-the-Head Headset

Heavy Duty Behind-the-Head Headset
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Type: Headsets
Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: RMN5015

This heavy-duty headset can be worn with most hard hats. It's ideal for high-noise environments; racing teams like CART® use it in the pits for dependable communication. The behind-the-head style headset has a noise-cancelling swivel boom microphone and a noise reduction rating of 24dB. Adaptor cable RMN5015A is required.


Style: Dual Muff
Heavy Duty: Yes
Configuration: Over-the-head / headband
Design: Racing
Receive Method: 2097
Noise Cancelling Microphone: Yes
Transmit Method: Microphone
Voice Activation (VOX): No
Noise Reduction (Earphone): Yes
Intrinsic Safety Standard: None



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