Mobile Microphones


Choose performance-matched Motorola Original audio accessories to meet your critical communication needs.

Our audio accessories are built and rigorously tested to the same quality standards as Motorola radios. Motorola's IMPRES™ technology provides optimal audio performance assuring high quality communication.

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Standard Compact Microphone
Model: AARMN4025
This microphone, which provides basic push-to-talk functionality, ships standard with a...
Enhanced Keypad Microphone
Model: AARMN4026
The enhanced keypad microphone includes a full numeric keypad so you can dial phone num...
Hand-Held Mobile Microphone
Model: GMN6146C
This hand-held mobile microphone is a replacement part for use with a range of vehicula...
Water-Resistant Standard Palm Microphone
Model: HMN1089
Provides basic push-to-talk functionality and is a neutral color for easy visibility on...
Standard Palm Microphone
Model: HMN1090
Provides basic push-to-talk functionality and is a neutral color for easy visibility on...
Foot Switch with Push-to-Talk
Model: RLN4856
The foot switch mounts to the floor of a vehicle to allow hands-free operation of a vis...
Push Button with Push-to-Talk
Model: RLN4857
This is a pushbutton with Push-to-Talk functinality. It can be held or mounted in a veh...
Desktop Microphone
Model: RMN5050
Convenient microphone option for when you are operating the mobile on a desktop. Transm...
Standard Compact Microphone
Model: RMN5052
Lightweight and easy to hold microphone that provides basic push-to-talk functionality....
IMPRES Visor Microphone
Model: RMN5054
Utilizes state-of-the-art IMPRES technology. Automatic gain control provides improved a...
Desktop Microphone
Model: RMN5068A
This black desktop microphone is for use with the CDM control station for two-way radio...

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