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Replacement Coil Cord Assembly for PMMN4045
Model: 0104026J83
This 6-foot replacement coiled cord is available for the PMMN4045 Noise-Cancelling Remo...
Ring Switch for Ear Microphone System
Model: 0180358B38
This is a Replacement Remote Push-to-Talk Ring Switch designed for use with EMS. ...
Ex Tax: $55.59
Trunion Mounting Screws
Model: 03012045001
These are runion Mounting Screws. ...
Gasket, Cover, Accessory Connector
Model: 3202607Y01
Thisis a Gasket, Cover, Accessory Connector. ...
Replacement Back Cover Clip for Ear Microphone Systems
Model: 4202006A01
Use this clip to attach your CommPort Integrated Microphone/Receiver System to your bod...
Replacement Foam Plugs
Model: 5080384F72
This product is a 50 count pack of replacement foam plugs. This product has a noise red...
Ex Tax: $95.88
Replacement Windscreen
Model: 5080548E02
Medium weight dual-muff headsets offer high-clarity sound with the additional hearing p...
Mobile Crimping Tool
Model: 6680388A26
This product is a Mobile Crimping Tool. ...
Accessory Adapter
Model: AAHLN9716B
This product is an Accessory Adapter. ...
Visor Microphone
Model: AARMN4027
Improve convenience and safety with the visor microphone, which mounts to the vehicle’s...
DPS-30 Duracomm, Filtered Power Supply, 13.8VDC, 30A Max
Model: CDQRDN9900
DPS?30 Duracomm, Filtered Power Supply, 13.8VDC, 30A Max.  For the XPR8380 and the...
Tuned 450‐470 MHz UHF Duplexer
Model: DSCP10725TUNED
This is a UHF duplexer that is tuned and 450-470MHz (N-female 4-8 MHz spacing). ...
Untuned 450‐470 MHz UHF Duplexer
This is a UHF duplexer that is untuned and 450?470MHz (N-female 4-8 MHz spacing). ...
HP MSP2020 Multi-Service Router
Model: DSHPJF283
This is an HP MSP2020 multi-service router. ...
Push-to-Talk Footswitch
Model: GLN7278
Use this footswitch for a convenient hands-free way to push-to talk on the APX two-way ...

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