Belts, Clips & Loops

Motorola Original cases make sure the audio of your two-way radio comes through loud and clear.

Motorola carrying accessories for two-way radios are designed to provide comfort and convenience with a choice of belt clips, holsters, lanyards, radio holders, t-straps, waterproof bags and more.

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1.75" Leather Belt
Model: 4200865599
This 1.75-inch-wide leather belt, part of the Motorola Original accessory portfoli...
Ex Tax: $16.47
Radio Pack Extension Belt
Model: 4280384F89
Extension belt for the lightweight and comfortable Motorola Radio Pack. This belt exten...
Ex Tax: $4.12
2.5" Swivel Belt Loop
Model: 4280483B03
This is a Durable, 2.5-inch swivel belt loop. ...
3" Swivel Belt Loop
Model: 4280483B04
This is a Versatile, 3-inch swivel belt loop. ...
Replacement Collar Clip
Model: 4285838B01
Keep your CommPort Integrated Microphone/Receiver System secure to prevent damage or lo...
Swivel Belt Holder
Model: 53961
Replacement Swivel Belt Holster for the durable holster that comes standard with each D...
Ex Tax: $5.88
2.25" Spring Action Belt Clip
Model: HLN6853
This product is a 2.25" Spring Action Belt Clip that can be used with the MT 1500 Porta...
3" Belt Clip
Model: HLN6875
Spring action 3" belt clip that is used with the Top Display APX portables. ...
3" Spring Action Belt Clip
Model: HLN8255
This product is a Durable, spring action, 3-inch belt clip. ...
Ex Tax: $4.71
Microphone Hang-Up Clip
Model: HLN9073
This microphone hang-up clip is compatible with all Motorola microphones. It mounts in ...
Universal Microphone Hang-Up Clip
Model: HLN9414
This universal hang-up clip is compatible with all Motorola microphones. No installatio...
2.5" Spring Action Belt Clip
Model: HLN9714A
This Motorola Original carrying accessory is a spring-action 2.5-inch belt clip for a t...
2" Belt Clip
Model: HLN9844
This is a durable, 2-inch belt clip. ...
Ex Tax: $9.41
3" Swivel Belt Loop, T Strap and D-Rings
Model: NNTN4115
D-rings, a T-strap and 3" swivel belt loop complement top-grain leather and stainless s...
2.5" Belt Clip
Model: NTN4924
This product is a Bronze 2.5" Belt Clip. ...

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