6-Station Battery Maintenance System

6-Station Battery Maintenance System
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Type: Charger Accessories
Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: WPLN4079BR

The BMS Plus uses interchangeable battery adapters (sold separately) and is capable of charging and discharging, analyzing, conditioning and cycle-testing batteries. It supports NiCD, NiMH and Li-ion battery* chemistries and tracks battery voltage and capacity (mAh). Its easy-to-use design supports hundreds of two-way, cellular and camcorder batteries. This system is recommended for users NOT using the Motorola IMPRES battery systems. The BMS Plus offers a 3-year warranty and includes serial printer port (RS-232). The WPLN4079BR is a 6-station, 110-volt AC, 50/60Hz system.

*WPLN4085AR BMS Li-ion Field Upgrade Kit required to support Li-ion batteries.


Display: Yes
Number of Pkcets: 6
Requires Adapter Plates: Yes
Hard Wired into Vehicle: No
Reconditioning Capable: Yes
Charge Rate: Rapid rate
Operating Voltage (AC): 110V
Chemisty: NiCD, NiMH



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